Get on the property ladder

For people who can afford to rent, but want to own, enjoy the benefits of home ownership with as little as a 5% deposit.

Unmortgage allows you to part own, part rent your dream home.

Launching 2019
How Unmortgage works

1 We buy your dream home together

With as little as 5% find your dream home, buy it with an Unmortgage. This is not a loan or a mortgage, this is co-ownership. You put in your deposit, our partners buy the rest.


You can buy more, pay less rent

Each month, put in as little as £1 to buy more of your home. As your ownership share increases, your rent decreases.


Stay for as long as you want

It’s your home, so you’re in control. Live in it, pay rent, and make it your home - without the risk of being told to move on. You decide when and how you want to exit - including rolling over to a mortgage.

What could I afford?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Unmortgage for?

Unmortgage is for people who can afford to rent, but want to own. You might not earn enough to get a mortgage on a property you love, or renting might be stopping you from saving enough of a deposit. Think of Unmortgage as a stepping stone between renting and owning.

How can I buy more of my home?

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to buy more of your home. From as a little as £1 a month, up to a maximum 5% of the property value each year. Any overpayments you make on top of your rent, will go directly towards increasing your ownership, thereby reducing your monthly rent.

How is rent calculated?

Market rent is set by assessing similar properties in the local area using local property data and setting a fair market rent. You will be informed of this rent beforehand to make sure you're happy with it, and you will only pay rent on the portion you don't own. For example, if you own 10% of your home, you only pay 90% of market rent.

How does Unmortgage make money?

Unmortgage's fees are paid entirely by our partners. We will never charge you any fees.

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